Retrograde 2


Retrograde, is a period of time where up above us the planets are seemingly drifting in the opposite direction of their orbit, and on this album that is entirely produced by TeedotEinsod, we listen in detail as our hero drifts off course due to dealing with the lockdown and having too much fun with weed and liquir. Making money and losing money. Transforming in sound throughout. Remember when the lockdown was only supposed to be 2 weeks? lol fun times.

RETRO(1) copy.jpg
Professional Microphone with Pop Filter


Joey Golden & Jonathan UniteUs are tha Joint. "The name represents your favorite things about life , your favorite strain of smoke and that favorite song you play 10 times straight to learn the words, flow and meaning of" , explains the duo. Sparked by the influence of Japanese jazz-funk fusion artists Casiopea, Smoke and Shigeo Shekito tracks, the two recorded and completed an EP in 4 days.

Both Joey and JohnNY, from the New York City collective O.I.S.D., have a combined 15 projects (solo & collab) between 2012 - 2018 with their last and only collaborative effort back in 2014 (re-release in 2015), "The Operation" with Ross Munroe. Tha Joint takes on a new direction to redefine and solidify the balance in styles between the two artists, now working as a unit.